Our Story

Like the majority of land our parcel was passed through multiple generations in the family. Our land is considerably larger than the typical parcel in Stalis because it was considered of low value. Farming was not possible on the rocky hill and the cost and expertise required to develop a structure were insurmountable.
That is until Hara, one of four kids raised in Mohos, inherited the hill. Married to Manolis, a fellow engineer, they decided to tackle the challenge head on. Remember this is solid rock so dynamite and heavy equipment was on the menu. Removed boulders were so large that they were used in nearby pier creation to break the waves. After the hill was tamed , it was time to build. Relying on years of engineering connections Hara and Manolis hired a well-known architect from Athens for the design.
The objective was to take advantage of the majestic views but the intention was to blend in the environment, avoiding the often produced eyesores of boxy white buildings. Plenty of stone was used and each villa was designed with a private balcony and/or terrace.
The villas were rented out in the 1990s and 2000s. Time would take its toll and the villas would be in need for renovation. In 2018, Hara and Manolis passed the torch to their daughter Eva, who is now the manager of the property. The villas went through an extensive renovation, under the close supervision of Eva, who is trained as an architect. Her attention to detail, although at times irritating contractors(!), has resulted in a beautiful, tasteful renovation that blends the past with the future.